Dutch Hill

Dutch Hill Heavy Duty Fiberglass Surveyor's Tripod

Model: DH01-018

Tripod DH01-018

Available with dual clamp or quick clamp only.

The Dutch Hill DH01-018 Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod will provide relieable support for your equipment.  legs that extend the height from 46 to 72 inches. Dual clamp locks with thumb screws and lever for a positive lock and quicker setup.  Features steel foot point with long spike that grip firmly on a wide range of surfaces.  Flat round aluminum head with standard 5/8 X 11 threading. Aluminum clamping handle for long life. Hardware for leg restraint to prevent legs from splaying on concrete.

The Dutch Hill Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod weighs 21 pounds and comes in yellow with black hardware.