Dutch Hill Land Surveying Accessories

Fiberglass non-conductive prism pole | DH02-001

Fiberglass prism pole 2.6m - Dutch Hill

2.6m prism pole DH02-001-10

Fiberglass prism pole 3.6m - Dutch Hill

3.6m prism pole DH02-001-20

Fiberglass prism pole 4.65m - Dutch Hill

4.65m prism pole DH02-001-30

Prism pole scale feet and tenths

Pole graduations Metric/Feet


  • 150 mm target height adjustable 5/8-11 adapter for prism mounting
  • Easily visible precise level vial
  • Replaceable steel point
  • Dual-graduation
  • Twist Lock Mechanism with built-in bubble vial


Model No. Lengths Grads weight
DH02-001-10 2.6 m (8.53 ft) ft/metric 2.0 lb (.91 kg)
DH02-001-20 3.60 m (11.81 ft) ft/metric 2.8 lb (1.27 kg)
DH02-001-30 4.65 m (15.27 ft) ft/metric 4.4 lb (2 kg)